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About Digital Art / Student Official Beta Tester FelicksMale/United States Groups :iconblended-high-school: Blended-High-School
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My name is Felicks.
I try my absolute hardest to be as insightful, kind, and respectful as I can.
I absolutely love almost everything so you should come talk to me about your interests!
I'm always open for chatting if you want to. So don't be afraid to talk to me. ♥
If I do something that makes you uncomfortable and don't realize it, PLEASE let me know!
some things I really find interest in are...
and making people feel good about themselves!

• ω •

I'm going to talk about my friends

Ah gee where do I start with you. You've been my best friend for so long holy crap. I've known you since kindergarten! How cool that there's somebody out there willing to deal with my antics like you have. In all honest I actually do think you're super cool, with your laid back attitude and surprisingly sarcastic comments. I'm always so comfortable around you, and almost look up to you in a way. I mean like, I aspire to be witty like you, and to be so good at just knowing things. You've got that master intelligence in history, and fandoms... It's just awesome. :hug: Not to mention you're always gay with me and I absolutely adore that! Not to mention, you're like my favorite writer ever and it's an honor to be friends with somone with that kind of talent. Thanks for sticking with me, bro. and correcting my bad grammar. thanks for that too.

I love you Cap! You're super awesome. I don't think we've been friends all that long, but it feels like forever because of how well we know each other. You take time out of your day to talk to me, EVER. FREAKING. DAY. And I appreciate that so much! I know I always take a long time to respond, but I would never ignore you. I'm just forgetful, and I'm sorry about that. ANYWAYS. You're one of my biggest inspirations and you're such a wonderful artist. I think it's really cool that I can be friends with someone who's got such a cool art style. You've also gotten me into a whole bunch of my favorite fandoms, like Icon For Hire, HAwkeye vs Deadpool, etc etc. Not to mention you're super creative! Love ya mean it! :tighthug:

You're such a little shit and I love you so so much for it. I know we've had our ups and downs, and I've been a bit of an asshole to you, but I'm always willing to apologize and start again if you are. I am perfectly comfortable with you talking to me about your issues. Don't forget that. You're also super creative in a morbid/cute way that I adore. I've always wanted to be creepy and cute at the same time! You've got super beautiful designing skills. You're an amazing poet, and you're really fun to be around. Whether you think it or not, I absolutely love your sense of humor. I can always come to you for advice, and you're always willing to give it even if I don't think I need it. You're always welcome to come over to me for a hug. Or you can send me something and I'll go over to you! <33 Love you!

Ahh you're so cool man. You're so strong and inspiring. Even when it gets bad you make it through and it's okay again. You always give me great advice and it's great. You're always offering to help out on stuff, and you rarely ever give up. You're so sweet and awesome and I absolutely love you for it. You're really great and I'm really glad you are my friend. It's just the best thing knowing you're there, even if you aren't online often. I love you~

You're so wonderful and kind, and strong, and beautiful, and even though you deny it I will keep on telling you this. You're a wonderful person and I'm so excited for the day that you realize it too, and accept it, and you're happy with yourself. As your boyfriend i'm supposed to care for you, and it's so great that I am able to help you out with stuff. I know sometimes I seem like I don't like you, or I'm really sad, but with you around it's practically impossible. I love you so much, and I'm so glad you've stuck with me for so long. It's really wonderful, and I love you. Remember, Shells, you're absolutely astonishing. I say that with as much love and affection that I can muster. :heart:



ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ゙ ~♫

FELICKS | ♂ | ♋

Some things people may not know about me
I am a boxer! ♥
My favorite animals are Fish, Crocodiles, bats, cats, and pandas!
I absotutely love hugs so they're always welcome!
I'm really emotional and tend to get overly happy over little things.
I can only write in capitals, and sometimes I mush lowercases and Capitals in sentences. OTL

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